Three Unexpected Benefits of Cycling

June 16, 2017

Here at Studios Etc. in Palm Beach, we are all about fitness, namely cycling, barre, and Pilates! Since we have been in business, we have seen countless students transform their bodies and their lives through a dedication to exercise. There are things that one would expect to happen with a regular fitness regimen, like better posture, muscle tone, and less fat. We believe that a well rounded exercise routine is key, but undoubtedly one of our favorites is cycling! There is no better way to blast through calories and tone your muscles in a short period of time. The stories we have heard from clients about the unexpected benefits of cycling have been many.

Benefits of Cycling You May Not See Coming!

Here are the three things we have heard over and over again from clients reaping unexpected benefits from cycling!

  1. Your Social Life will Improve. We have a great fitness community in Palm Beach. Our members have formed bonds between one another and with the instructors. In all of fitness, it is known that there is strength in numbers, and that having a workout buddy will improve your chances of success. Well, how about having a whole workout family? The friendships formed here also go beyond the gym. You’re likely to find people with similar interests, and before you know it new lifelong relationships can begin!
  2. Old Maladies will Disappear. In today’s hectic world, lots of us suffer from things like anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. One of the benefits of cycling is that it does a body good – really good! You’ll notice that your health will improve in places you didn’t expect it to. If your spirits need a lift, you may find it easier to laugh and smile, or you may be able to taper down on medications you are taking to manage chronic conditions. As long as you don’t overdo it, you can actually start to eliminate certain pain and build strength to combat it far into the future.
  3. You’ll be a better Person All Around. Having a regular exercise routine touches all parts of your life, literally. If you are a mom, you’ll have more energy to run around with your kids, whether they are four year old energetic maniacs, or in their twenties planning their wedding. No matter what, you’ll be able to keep up more. At work, you’ll be sharper, more involved, and able to think on your feet more. You’ll be better rested since exercise improves sleep, so you’ll be more at ease and level headed in all of your endeavors.

The benefits of cycling are far reaching. They certainly go well beyond your pants size! Come to the studio and check out a class for yourself!

June 16, 2017