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Group Apparatus Instruction consists of a Signature Tower class. Designed as a full body workout, the various weight resistance of the Tower spring system targets legs, arms, back, and core.   We also incorporate the jump board and variations from beginners to those with advance abilities.

Pilates is corrective exercise that improves your quality of life, no matter what your age, background, or fitness level. Pilates is a specially designed method of exercise, developed to increase flexibility, physical strength, and posture, while enhancing mental awareness and overall mindfulness. The practice is somewhat similar to yoga, though it emphasizes the core to a greater extent. Pilates is a great practice for those looking to get into great shape, have fun, and improve their overall well-being. Come get healthy and strong in a fun, supportive environment!

Pilates at Studio Etc. is a studio passionate about keeping Joseph Pilates’ original method and philosophy alive. All of our passionate and experienced instructors have studied extensively, assuring that you get the very best instruction available.

The Pilates Method

Pilates originated in New York in the 1920s. Joseph and Clara Pilates wanted to combine physical therapy and movement together that started out as “Body Contrology”. Body Contrology means a complete physical conditioning that incorporates flexibility, strength, coordination, balance, and endurance. All of these different types combined improve the posture and alignment of the overall body. The focus on both extrinsic and intrinsic muscle groups allows the workout to address the body as a whole instead of only specific places.

When Pilates was first starting out, professional dancers and athletes only practiced it. Now, over 7 million people practice the Pilates method to further improve their overall physical conditions. It has become popular because of the results that are proven physically and mentally.

The Goal of Pilates

Our goal for those whom take the Pilates class is to have

  • Well-Toned Muscles
  • Lengthened Muscles
  • Proper Body Alignment
  • Increased Physical Health
  • Flexible Joints
  • Stamina and Mental Clarity

This goal can be achieved through concentration and physical awareness during the class. With the proper diet and 1-3 Pilates classes a week, the goal will start to be obtained as well as physical results. Pilates is not only physical but mentally. Using Pilates as fitness will strengthen the mind and make you feel better about yourself because you will start to feel better.


Our group classes are different from most other classes you may have experienced. You will get a personalized workout in an intimate setting (maximum 5 people/Apparatus Classes and 10 people /Mat Pilates), and receive highly individualized attention from teachers. You work at your own pace with a variety of equipment, and you will always be challenged to explore something new.



Great instructors, really full hour of workout, no cheating! Great class every time and beautiful setting.


Sadly, I found the studio near the end of my visit to Palm Beach. I still went the next morning and dropped in. Lauren was incredibly welcoming and friendly– All of the other women in the class were friendly too! (Men, where are you? This class is the bomb!!!) I think everyone was so happy because they loved the class so much! I train at home at a mind/body studio, so I appreciated the barefoot workout and the hints of pilates and yoga training that came through when Lauren taught the barre class.


I love love love la barre, it keeps me tone, thing and strong. The workouts are a lot of fun with great music and lots of variations. Lauren is one of the best barre teachers in Palm Beach County; and believe me, I’ve try a lot of places.

E. Lucia

Love this studio. Amazing teachers, great energy and beautiful surroundings. And when I can’t be there physically, their virtual classes are almost as good as the real thing!


The best Barre studio that I have been to. The instructors, particularly Jacquelyn and Lauren, motivate and enthuse participants with their positive energy and individualized teaching techniques. I recommend their classes to all of my visiting, out-of-town guests looking to squeeze in a workout. Keep up the great work, ladies!!


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