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Momentīm – A cycling studio.
Momentīm – A cycling studio.

Welcome to Momentīm Cycle


Momentīm Cycle is a privately owned, indoor cycling studio.  Located in Palm Beach and West Palm Beach, we are devoted to the wellbeing of our clients. This rhythmic riding studio dedicates itself to the meaning of “Momentīm,” which combines the raw concept of time “/tīm/” with the concept of momentum, the strength or force that allows something to continue or to grow stronger or faster as time passes.

Together, we dedicate time for you to set aside for yourself, to focus on your personal growth.   Remembering, there is no change without a challenge.

We encourage each client to find their internal power with the goal of strengthening our mind, body and soul along the way.


Offering 45 minute classes, you can expect a highly mindful environment, set in candlelight, infused with high-energy music and inspirational instructors who encourage independence, opposite of an environment of competition. Our individualized classes are targeted toward riders of all levels, focused on the approach that we are all in this space together, absorbing the shared, positive energy, motivation, and acceptance in order to build our inner athletes and better ourselves.


With the use of elite technology and versed instructors, our classes provide a fitness regime that activates the body as a whole, with the intention of setting expectations and breaking through boundaries.

As our riders empower themselves and achieve new levels of endurance and cardiovascular stamina, the physical benefits transcend through toned arms, toned back muscles, toned core and toned legs.

Through a series of choreographed techniques such as elbow dips, tap backs, corners, and dance inspired side-to-side movements, we settle into the beat, feel the music, and sculpt our physiques. There is always an added 4-5 minute weight section that burns and tones the arms, providing a complete upper body workout.

We want you to work from the head to the toes, it all matters. Stay connected and enjoy the ride.


Take initiative, join us at Momentīm Studio, to empower and strengthen your mind and body. Prepare yourself for anything life sends in your direction; this is more than a workout, this is a lifestyle. We can assure you that you will walk out the door stronger than when you started, with that natural high we all shoot to attain.


Great instructors, really full hour of workout, no cheating! Great class every time and beautiful setting.


Sadly, I found the studio near the end of my visit to Palm Beach. I still went the next morning and dropped in. Lauren was incredibly welcoming and friendly– All of the other women in the class were friendly too! (Men, where are you? This class is the bomb!!!) I think everyone was so happy because they loved the class so much! I train at home at a mind/body studio, so I appreciated the barefoot workout and the hints of pilates and yoga training that came through when Lauren taught the barre class.


I love love love la barre, it keeps me tone, thing and strong. The workouts are a lot of fun with great music and lots of variations. Lauren is one of the best barre teachers in Palm Beach County; and believe me, I’ve try a lot of places.

E. Lucia

Love this studio. Amazing teachers, great energy and beautiful surroundings. And when I can’t be there physically, their virtual classes are almost as good as the real thing!


The best Barre studio that I have been to. The instructors, particularly Jacquelyn and Lauren, motivate and enthuse participants with their positive energy and individualized teaching techniques. I recommend their classes to all of my visiting, out-of-town guests looking to squeeze in a workout. Keep up the great work, ladies!!


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