What is the Meaning of Fitness to You?

August 1, 2017

Glossy magazines and Instagram have most people thinking that fitness means a flawless figure, amazing abs, and a rear with no cellulite in sight. However, the meaning of fitness is not a one-size-fits-all mold and can differ drastically from one person to the next.

Have you thought about what fitness means to you? When you start an exercise regimen, it’s important to outline your own personal goals and not try to fit the mold of someone else’s. Each of our bodies are unique, and fitness looks different on each of us.

The Meaning of Fitness Can Vary Drastically From One Person to the Next

Every person walks their own path in life. In our studio, we have seen everything, from people who are lifelong fitness fanatics to people recovering from illness or injury who are only just starting to get back in the game. Both of those people can be in the same class, yet they are each working towards their individual goals. The fitness fanatic may be training for a marathon, while the recovering individual may be grateful to maintain a heart rate above normal throughout class. It is vitally important that these two people don’t draw comparisons to one another, because that will only lead to failure.

Sure, everyone wants to look good and fit into their skinny jeans. But, at the end of the day, the meaning of fitness is a lot more than just the size you buy at the store, or the number on your scale. It is about knowing where you are coming from and what your body has been through. Then, it is about setting realistic goals and coming up with a plan for how to achieve them.

Setting Your Own Fitness Goals

When you think about what you want to accomplish through exercise, you can’t just look at a picture of a model and think that is your goal. You don’t know that you have the same metabolism as him/her, waist to hip ratio, or schedule allowing you to focus on your body and looks for hours per day. In other words, stop looking for outside examples and start looking within.

If you are already athletic, you may want to set goals like being able to run faster or cycle harder. Or, perhaps you want to become a barre instructor yourself and you want to learn the ins and outs of the practice. Maybe it is your resting heart rate that you want to improve.

If you are new or just getting back to exercise, be realistic. Don’t get discouraged because you want to be a size two overnight. Focus on making little changes to stay on track and gently increasing your exercise routine. Small habits will eventually lead to big changes as long as you are persistent!

Here at Studios Etc., we want to make sure we help our clients meet their own personal fitness goals. Our classes are designed to accommodate everyone, and modifications are offered for people who are new to class. Our instructors are trained to work with everyone from the beginner to the expert. You can also choose to take an individual class so that your teacher can hone in on exactly where you want to improve. You can discuss your goals and outline a plan to achieve them.

The meaning of fitness is different for everyone. However, everyone’s goals are just as important and worthy of celebration when they are reached. Keep working towards a better version of yourself every day, and you will find success.

Here’s to your good health!

August 1, 2017