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Welcome to Labarre etc. Palm Beach

Labarre, etc opened in 2013 and has become a hit in the Palm Beach Fitness scene. Perfect for those seeking quality fitness classes and an all-encompassing progressive lifestyle, Labarre is a power packed one-hour class that will tone your arms, sculpt your abs and lift your tush. Labarre is a blend of ballet, yoga, and pilates beneficial for all age groups and modifications available to fit most fitness levels.

Labarre is located in beautiful second floor studio in the heart of Palm Beach. Group classes are available as well as private classes for those looking for an even more personal touch to their workout.

Barre in Palm Beach

Barre classes started in studios around 2008 and has become greatly popular since then. It was created so people can meet their fitness needs in a small, confined class, where everyone can easily connect during a hard workout. It has become popular because results can be seen fast and you can do a full body and mind workout in one class. It is perfect for those with a busy schedule.

Barre is about discipline of the body and mind. Barre was inspired by the postures done in ballet and other discipline like exercises like Pilates and yoga. The main equipment for Barre class is the barre that is used for holding on to and balance. Isometric strength training is done using the barre. That is when you hold your body still and only contract a certain set of muscles. The movements are done in a small range of motion but there is a high number of repetitions. For a more challenging workout, light weights can be added to the class.

Benefits of Barre

There are many benefits to choosing Barre for your daily fitness routine. We have classes for people on all levels of fitness from beginning to expert. This is not a high impact workout so it is also good for pregnant women. Other benefits include

  • Weight loss
  • Improved posture
  • muscle definition
  • Decresed stress levels
  • Increased flexibility

A typical Barre class will target  your upper body such as biceps, triceps, chest and back as well as your lower body such as core, legs, and thighs. This is a full body workout that is only an hour long.


Great instructors, really full hour of workout, no cheating! Great class every time and beautiful setting.


Sadly, I found the studio near the end of my visit to Palm Beach. I still went the next morning and dropped in. Lauren was incredibly welcoming and friendly– All of the other women in the class were friendly too! (Men, where are you? This class is the bomb!!!) I think everyone was so happy because they loved the class so much! I train at home at a mind/body studio, so I appreciated the barefoot workout and the hints of pilates and yoga training that came through when Lauren taught the barre class.


I love love love la barre, it keeps me tone, thing and strong. The workouts are a lot of fun with great music and lots of variations. Lauren is one of the best barre teachers in Palm Beach County; and believe me, I’ve try a lot of places.

E. Lucia

Love this studio. Amazing teachers, great energy and beautiful surroundings. And when I can’t be there physically, their virtual classes are almost as good as the real thing!


The best Barre studio that I have been to. The instructors, particularly Jacquelyn and Lauren, motivate and enthuse participants with their positive energy and individualized teaching techniques. I recommend their classes to all of my visiting, out-of-town guests looking to squeeze in a workout. Keep up the great work, ladies!!


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