The Best Way to get Flat Abs in No Time

June 23, 2017

Flat abs and a toned stomach are a part of everyone’s wish list. The problem is that many people don’t know how to get there. You can do 100 crunches per day and still have a layer of fat covering your six pack. The good news is that there are a number of things you can do to tone your core and reduce fat around your waistline. With a few small changes, your abs can be the envy of everyone in Palm Beach!

The Road Map to Flat Abs

It is important to recognize that if health and fitness is a full-body commitment. You can’t, for example, have a super defined stomach with legs that are completely mushy. Fitness is a commitment, and if you want real results, you need to commit to making your entire body healthy and strong. That being said, forget the idea that doing crunches alone will get you to your goal of flat abs. Sure, core exercises are a vital part of it, but there is lots of work to be done so that your ab muscles are visible in the first place.

  1. It’s all about the fuel you put into your body. You are what you eat. Your Abs are what you eat. Try to eat a well-rounded diet full of fresh fruits, vegetables, and healthy lean proteins. Stay away from sources of empty calories like white bread and alcohol. If you are trying to lose weight, it is a good idea to keep a food log so that you become aware of what you are putting into your body. When your food choices are high quality, your body will thank you, and your physique will reflect those choices.
  2. Make sure to set some cardio goals. Many people mistakenly think all it takes to have abs is to build up their core muscles. That helps, but in order to expose them and get that shapely stomach, you need to be lean all over. Having a regular cardio routine is a necessity, whether it is walking, running, or cycling here at the studio. Aside from helping you aesthetically, a regular cardio routine is amazing for your health so that you can feel as good as you will look.
  3. Get plenty of rest! Life is all about balance, and you need to make sure you are getting enough rest and sleep. When you sleep for less than five hours, your body produces more of a stress hormone called cortisol. This equates to more fat stored in your body. Try to have a regular sleep schedule and get at least seven hours of shut eye.

Once you have got these three steps down, it is time to work on your core muscles! Flat abs come from a combination of healthy lifestyle choices, but definition comes from strengthening your muscles. Our ballet barre classes in Palm Beach incorporate plenty of ab routines into the workout to achieve that strengthening burn in your core. Planks are another great option to do daily, and you can do them right from home!

As with anything, flat abs are achievable, but it takes commitment. Think about it as an entire-body strengthening project, and promise yourself to stick to the three healthy lifestyle choices. Before you know it, your healthy, strong body will be your own inspiration whenever you look in a mirror!

June 23, 2017