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Studios, etc. includes Momentim Cycle, Labarre, etc., Pilates (Loft), and Sagara Yoga. All four studios are located within walking distance from one another on the corner of Royal Poinciana Way and North County Road on the beautiful Palm Beach Island. Owned by Palm Beach locals Lauren Donovan and Jaquelyn Quesada, the studios offer daily group classes and private classes, with a small retail boutique featuring rare, one of a kind clothing and jewelry handpicked by the owners.

The long-awaited studios offer high-energy, inspiring classes in a unique and chic environment. We like to incorporate the classic Palm Beach style in our studio and classes. For those who want a one-of-a-kind workout experience in a positive environment, our Palm Beach location is the perfect choice. Our group classes are highly motivating as well as fun. The private classes we offer in Cycle, Pilates, and Yoga offer just as much energy and motivation as well with a more personal feel to them.

Fitness in Palm Beach

The Palm Beach location is perfect for all your adventures in one area. We are closely located to the beach, shopping plazas, and residential areas. With our rare boutique in the studio, you do not need to travel far to get the best workout clothing and equipment. You can get all your shopping and fitness needs done in one day, all in the same location.

All ages are welcome, and modifications are available for most fitness levels. Our staff is able to help anyone make a difference in their health whether they are beginners or experts at Cycing, Labarre, Pilates, or Yoga. We strive on living a healthy and fit life and believe our members should too. Join us in making health, wellness, and strength a central part of your lifestyle.

Cycling, Labarre, Pilates, & Yoga

These classes range from calm and meditative to exciting and highly energetic. We have four different styles of fitness for anyone’s type of workout preference. Cycling is for those who want an intense and fast-paced workout. Yoga is for those who want to channel their inner peace with breathing. Pilates is for those who want to strengthen and lengthen their muscles and Labarre is an equal balance of yoga, Pilates, and ballet movements.


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